[EMBIVENTORY/POWER V1] - Update Firmware

1    Product description





2   Material requirements

 The software is only available for Windows operating system and fully compatible with Windows XP and above.

 To ensure you a good experience, the software has been tested from Windows XP to the last official release from Windows.


3   Launch of the update software

First of all, you must launch the software :


The following screen must appears :




4   Connection of the embiVentory / Power to the PC





1 / For embiVentory / embiVentory Power before 2016: don’t forget to remove the cap on the update mode button (for more details on the localization, refer you to the §1).





2 / With the tip (of a paperclip for example), push the update mode button and keep it holding.

While you are holding the “update mode” button pushed, insert the USB wire into the USB port of your PC




      3 / 





The orange and blue leds are alternatively blinking.


ü The embiVentory or embiVentory Power is well detected by the PC.



  4/ Check that on the software the message “Device attached” is displayed.



5   Upload the firmware

1 / Press the “Open Hex File” button to select the new firmware.


2 / Select the new version of the firmware to update. The extension of the firmware should be in .hex

3 / The firmware start to be uploaded into the embiVentory / embiVentory Power.



4 / The embiVentory emits a sound when the update of the firmware is finished.

You can now enjoy use your embiVentory or embiVentory Power !

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