Embiventory V1 diagnostic

Quick Review of the product :

Number Description Fonction
1 Orange LED  Blink when he read a Tag
2 Blue LED

 describe the bluetooth connection

3 Red LED  Battery status
4 Green LED Working product 
5 Start & Stop Button  not use on first ventory 
6 Power Button Button use for power or stop the product 

Number  Description function
7 Serial number   Use to find it on application and for maintenance
8 Reset button  Use to load a firmware
9 label stick of the product modele  Légal label stick
10 USB Connector This connector is used to update a new firmware an reload the product
11 Strap hole Use to set a strap


I - Where i can find the serial number on this product ?

The serial number you need to fill in the ticket is EMRK+5 digit numbers: EMRK12345 in that case.

II - What are the first step i must check before all diagnostics ?


A - Check the environnement of the product :


1 - Electrical outlet of your EmbiDock is powered

2 - The USB Hub or USB from your computer is powered

3 - The USB cable is working on other device


B - Check the product itself:


1 -  Shake it gently to hear if there is any part falling in

2 - Check if the USB connector is not broken

3 - Check if the Power button is not damaged


III - All my Led are down, what is the issue ?

Probable root causes: Defective battery, Embidock Don't load, Motherboard is broken, Defective Button.


How to solve your issue?


A – Try to load up two hours your EmbiVentory ALONE on one Embidock. Sometimes low devices need more power on first percents.

 (You can find some informations below about led notification when your device need to be load up)


B – Nothing work please contact embisphere support to replace your product.


IV - Blue LED is OFF or it can not fix


Probable root causes: Bluetooth module, Phone, Antenna Cable


How to solve your issue?


A – Bluetooth can’t fix .Try 2-3 different mobile to isolate phone Issue.

B – Check if the battery is charged more than 20 percents (Bluetooth doesn’t work below 10%)

C – Your Bluetooth led is off, please contact embisphere support, you may have bluetooth module issue.


V - I can't read Tag

Probable root causes: Module RFID is broken , The product region is wrong

How to solve your issue?

A - Try to read tag like the picture below (select inventory on your application move the racket near the tag's you want to read, you should see an orange light when you read one)

B - Check if you are in right region with the application. Follow the process Here

If you can’t read any tags please contact embisphere support.




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